Step 4: Maintaining your assets

After you have completed this three-step process of allocating your assets, you really shouldn't have to monitor each fund or make changes very often. Especially the stock funds - these should be long-term investments. However, about once each year you may want to re-balance your portfolio. This may be necessary because some of your investments will grow faster than others. For example, if you invested 50% of your money in a stock fund and 50% in a bond fund for one year, during a period that stocks significantly out-performed bonds, your allocation to stocks would be greater than 50% at the end of the year. Now your investment allocation may be 60% stocks and only 40% bonds. To re-balance your account back to the 50/50 mix you started with, you'll need to log-in to "Your Account" and click on "Rebalance My Investments".

If you are still uncomfortable choosing your own investment allocation, you may participate in one of CCOERA's Target Date Funds. These are a series of automatic asset allocation funds that were designed by a professional investment advisor.