Step 3: Choosing a Specific Mutual Fund

The next step in asset allocation is to choose mutual funds that suit the Mutual Fund Asset Classes you selected in Step 2. A complete description of each investment option available through your CCOERA retirement savings plans can be found in the CCOERA Investment Fund Profiles.If you do not have this package, or the information you have is more than six months old, contact your employer representative or CCOERA for the latest version of CCOERA Investment Fund Profiles. Each one of the profiles will include information about the fund type (large-cap, foreign, etc.), a risk-level rating, the fund's investment objective and strategy, and historical performance information.

You will find that there are several funds to choose from in the Large-Cap Stock category. There is even a Socially Responsible fund which purchases stock of companies that have been socially screened. These companies do not generate revenues from the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms products. Additionally, the companies are screened for certain subjective criteria such as community involvement, scholarship programs, and executive positions held by women and minorities.