Mandatory Contributions

Contribution amounts to the Retirement Plan are established by your Employer. Your Employer's contribution is a minimum of 3% of your compensation, but may be increased beyond this amount. All eligible employees are required to contribute an amount equal to the contribution made by your Employer.


"Vesting" relates to your vesting of ownership rights in the employer contributions. You always own 100% of your mandatory employee contributions to the Retirement Plan. However, each Employer establishes a vesting schedule for the Employer contributions to the Retirement Plan. Generally, vesting gradually occurs over time at an annual rate of 10% per year or 20% per year of Retirement Plan participation. Some other vesting schedules are available. You will automatically become 100% vested upon attaining age 55, regardless of your length of Retirement Plan participation. Check with your Employer or CCOERA to obtain your Employer's specific vesting information.

Should you terminate employment with a CCOERA Member County, Special District or Municipality and become employed by another CCOERA Member Employer within 30 days, you will not be considered terminated and will maintain your current vesting. Your account will automatically transfer to your new CCOERA Member Employer, and you will be able to continue receiving benefits without any waiting period to participate.