Investment Overview

Investing Overview: What's Best for You

Choosing how to invest your retirement savings is perhaps one of the most important decisions you'll make.

As a CCOERA Participant you have the right to choose your own investment allocation from a diverse menu of options, ranging from very conservative to very aggressive. This section of "Investing For Retirement" will cover some of the basic strategies pertaining to retirement investing. As discussed below, you may determine and choose your own investment allocation, or in the alternative, choose automatic allocation by participating in CCOERA's Target Date Funds (TDFs).

"I don't feel comfortable choosing my own mix of investments"

If you would like to be more aggressive with your retirement savings, but you are uncomfortable creating your own mix of investments, there is a solution to your dilemma. The solution is to choose one of CCOERA's TDFs, a series of automatic asset allocation funds created by a professional investment advisor.

Choosing Your Own Investment Allocation

You may elect to have any percentage of your CCOERA investments allocated to any of the available investment options. You may also change the allocation to these options at any time in the future. When deciding how to allocate your retirement savings you should consider these factors:

Investment Time Horizon
How long will the money be invested

Life Expectancy During Retirement
How long do your savings need to last

Risk Tolerance
Your personal comfort level with risk