Investment Guide: Monitoring Progress

While it's not necessary to monitor your investments on a daily basis, it's a good idea to follow their performance and learn as much as you can about the investments in your portfolio. Risk is essentially a function of knowledge to a large degree, therefore the more you learn about investing the more comfortable you'll feel with the level of risk you're assuming.

CCOERA Quarterly Statement

Each quarter you receive a statement from CCOERA that details the value of each investment in your account. Note the price for your investment funds and compare them to last quarter's statement.

"CCOERA Quarterly"

The back page of each issue of "CCOERA Quarterly", the newsletter include with your statement, provides current returns for all CCOERA investment options. Additionally, much of the newsletter is dedicated to investment education, providing valuable fund information and investment strategies.

CCOERAcall - 1 (800) 352-0313

All CCOERA participants have access to client serivces, account information and change capabilities through CCOERAcall as follows:

Call toll free 1 (800) 352-0313 and follow the prompts to access our Call Center Services or our Automated Response Line.

You may also call our local office (303) 713-9400, to reach CCOERA Client Services Staff.

CCOERAcall provides account services and information (share prices that are updated daily, information about all of the available investment options, and much more). You can also make changes to your account and investments through CCOERAcall by speaking to a retirement plan services person or by using the Automated Response Line.

CCOERAconnect - Your Account

Participants may obtain account information and make investment transactions on the internet through the Your Account tab on our home page. In addition to account access, you'll find a wealth of information regarding investing and retirement planning, as well as useful links to mutual fund company websites and other financial websites , which have a multitude of investment information.

CCOERA's Investment Fund Profiles

Each quarter, CCOERA publishes a package of fund profiles that provide information about the management, underlying investments, historic performance and other pertinent information about each fund. These are available any time through CCOERA - call us for the most recent version.


All of the mutual funds offered through your CCOERA retirement savings plans are publicly traded and are listed in any major newspaper, including The Denver Post, and The Wall Street Journal. Newspapers show the daily change in value of every major fund.

Periodicals (Magazines)

With the continually increasing interest in investing and retirement planning, there are a number of great periodicals that provide easy-to-understand information about investing. Some of the more popular publications are Business Week, Money Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Personal Finance, Smart Money, Kiplingers and Personal Finance. Many of these are available at most grocery stores or booksellers.

The Library

The business resource section of your local library is perhaps one of the best places to obtain information about investing. Most libraries subscribe to the major periodicals mentioned above, as well as many trade publications that may be too costly to purchase as an individual. Some of the more popular publications are Morningstar Mutual Funds and Value Line. These publications provide detailed information about thousands of mutual funds.