Investment Guide: Choosing a Target Date Fund (TDF)

The investment mix within each TDF considers risk that is appropriate for each retirement date and appropriate investment allocations during the working years and the retirement years. For example, allocations to more conservative investments will automatically increase in the Funds as an investor ages.  With TDFs, allocations are dynamic and change as participants age.

Each CCOERA Target Date Fund has a date in its name called the "target date," the approximate year when you expect ot retire and begin withdrawing from your account.  Just take the year you were born and add your expected retirement age to it to determine the year you expect to retire.  Then pick the fund closest to that year.  Once you've chosen a CCOERA Target Date Fund, it changes with you over time.  You don't have to constantly monitor your account and make changes to your investment mix as you get closer to retirement.  The fund gradually shifts to a more conservative approach automatically. 

How do I Sign-up for a TDF?

It's simple - just contact CCOERA as follows:

Call toll free 1 (800) 352-0313
Press 0 for our Call Center Services
Press 1 for our Automated Response Line
- or -
Go to the Your Account at this website.

What if I change my mind?

You may begin or discontinue your participation in the TDFs at any time by making the appropriate change via the methods stated above.