CCOERA 401(a) Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the CCOERA Retirement Plan?
The CCOERA Retirement Plan is a qualified pension plan adopted by the Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association to provide income after retirement for eligible officials and employees of Member Counties, Member Special Districts and Member Municipalities. The Retirement Plan was adopted according to section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, and is also referred to as a Defined Contribution Money Purchase Pension Plan. Retirement benefits through the Retirement Plan are usually in addition to those provided under Federal Social Security. In addition to the 401(a) Retirement Plan, CCOERA also offers a Deferred Compensation Plan. Please see CCOERA's Deferred Compensation Plan for more information.

How Does the Retirement Plan Work?
Any Colorado County, Special District or Municipality may choose to adopt the Retirement Plan and become a member of the Association. Both employer and employee make contributions to the Retirement Plan. Contributions and the investment return from the contributions provide retirement benefits. The Participant may choose how benefits are paid from a menu of options, as discussed later in this website.

Participation in the Retirement Plan is optional only for employees of record on the effective date of the Retirement Plan. Thereafter, all new employees are required to participate upon eligibility as a condition of employment.

The seven-member Governing Board of the Association makes all necessary rules and is responsible for the administration of the funds in the Retirement Plan. Two members are elected by county employees, one from the western half of the state and the other from the eastern half of the state. Two members are elected by participating municipal and other political subdivision employers. Two members of the Governing Board are selected by participating county commissioners of the Association, and the fifth member is the county treasurer of the county in the association with the largest population. (Colorado Revised Statute § 24-54-108).