About Us

For more than 50 years, CCOERA - The Colorado Retirement Association has provided retirement benefits to employees of Colorado local governments. With a mission to provide "the best retirement plans, products and services at the lowest possible cost," CCOERA serves more than 24,000 public-sector employees across 51 counties, 47 municipalities and 122 special districts. CCOERA is a not-for-profit association that is governed by participants, for participants.


What Makes Us Unique

  • An employee-centered retirement plan that is totally devoted to helping its participants prepare for and enjoy a retirement lifestyle they worked hard for and deserve.
  • A turnkey retirement plan that effectively manages all of the administrative, due diligence and financial responsibilities for our member employers. This frees them from the risks of fiduciary liability, time and resources required to perform these functions on their own.
  • A not-for-profit retirement association that pays no dividends to stockholders, nor commissions to brokers or agents. This generates a significant cost savings to participants, resulting in larger retirement account balances instead of bonuses to unnecessary financial middlemen.
  • A plan that is completely independent in its choice of legal counsel, investment advisors and record keepers. CCOERA is free to choose the best financial service and product providers available in the market today.
  • A board of directors composed of plan participants, who are elected by plan participants. This means that board members are inherently motivated to continually strive to increase the quality of our investments, education, counseling and service. At the same time, they are always looking for ways to reduce the cost incurred by participants, ensuring that CCOERA provides the best retirement plan products and services at the lowest possible cost.