CCOERA/Empower 401(a) Plan & 457 Plan Forms*  Click Here

*Note: Participants may maintain their accounts with CCOERA (when they retire or leave
their current employer) without completing a Separation/Withdrawal Form.

Misc Information & Forms 

E-Statements-Online Account Setup (New Digital Statements & Online Account setup info)

CCOERA Overview (What makes CCOERA unique)
CCOERA Online Account Options (Ways to manage your online accounts)

Hueler Income Solutions (Fact Sheet)

457(b) Contribution Limits (Use to maximize 457 contributions)
457(b) Roth Contributions Option (Traditional 457 versus Roth 457 contributions compared)

CCOERA Investment Options (Current investment options)
CCOERA Target Date Funds (TDFs) (Current TDF allocations)
CCOERA TDFs Overview (An explanation of Target Date Funds)
CCOERA TDFs Fact Sheets (Current TDF portfolios)

Schwab PCRA Account (Self-Directed Brokerage Account)
W-4P Withholding Form (Use for new eligible payment plans)
Tax Withholding Change Form (Use for existing payment plans)



Jefferson County Forms

401(a) and 457 Loan Info & Application(s)
457 Contribution Changes (Jeffco Employees Only)